Meet Ron Galperin

LA’s Taxpayer Watchdog

“an accountant’s eye for detail and a reformer’s creativity.”

As Los Angeles Controller, Ron Galperin is our elected taxpayer watchdog, ensuring public dollars are spent transparently, efficiently and effectively while rooting out government fraud and waste.

Los Angeles voters first elected Ron to office in 2013 and Ron immediately got to work transforming the office with data, and technology, to hold politicians accountable and get results from our local government.

Meet Ron

Over the last eight years, Ron has issued over 50 hard hitting audits and demanded reforms to tackle the most critical issues we face. From exposing billions in ineffective homelessness spending, to finding over $100 million of unused tax dollars for street repair, Ron has as the L.A. Times described “an accountant’s eye for detail and a reformer’s creativity.”

Ron’s leadership has improved service delivery and achieved measurable improvements in the quality of life Southern California residents deserve. Ron launched the first open data portal to detail how every tax dollar is spent on goods, services, city employee salaries, and provides metrics to measure how equitably City departments serve communities. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ron created a comprehensive resource hub for L.A. to track virus testing, and vaccination efforts across the city.

Meet Ron

Not afraid of the status quo, Ron has taken on Southern California’s biggest challenges, from affordable housing and public safety, to demanding reforms at the L.A. Department of Water & Power (LADWP). Ron’s audits have addressed illegal dumping, emergency response times, and how best to utilize unused government owned properties. Ron’s recommendations on how the City can more efficiently manage your money have received national recognition from good government organizations. Most notably, Galperin’s unflinching reports on homelessness and outreach have demanded urgent action on the most pressing social crisis facing L.A. County.

Ron built a reputation as a leading voice for government reform as a former business owner and journalist. Ron has written extensively on how government reforms can spur economic growth and support California’s business community. The first Neighborhood Council member elected to City office, Ron has dedicated his career to working with communities to improve government services and the quality of life we all deserve.

As the son of immigrants and L.A.’s first Citywide-elected LGBTQ official, Ron has been a champion for equality, equity, inclusion and opportunity for everyone. Ron and his husband, Rabbi Zachary Shapiro, are the proud parents of young twins – Maya and Eli.

“Galperin has stormed the gates at the DWP as well as posting an online accounting of what the city does with its money.”

LA Times

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